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    Terrorism Research Center

    The Terrorism Research Center, Inc. (TRC), is a “Virginia Company with a Global Purpose” that was originally founded to provide research of terrorism and political instability. The TRC continues to provide training, research & analysis, and consulting services. Since TRC was founded, we have trained thousands of military, law enforcement and intelligence personnel.  TRC continues to research and write on global issues "over the horizon."

    Mirror Image: Training to Combat Terrorism

    Mirror Image is a five day  classroom and field training program designed to simulate terrorist  recruitment,  training, techniques and operational  tactics. Participants will receive insight  into the mindset and operational  methodology of terrorists through  total immersion, hands-on experience,  

    and education about ideologies that  

    motivate them and the cultural dimensions that influence their decision making.  

    Cutting Edge Training

    TRC has a wealth of instructors who bring real world experience to realistic training programs. Each course is customized to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. What sets our training apart is a keen understanding of the issues, the unique research conducted in the field, as well as our experiences in numerous countries.  Our unique training programs are designed for law enforcement , military and intelligence personnel. TRC also provides speakers for universities, corporations, NGOs, and other organizations.

    Examples of TRC Training Programs

    AF-PAK Mirror Image: Operating in Complex Environments

    "The Mirror Image course was, in my opinion, the cornerstone to my success on the mission. The course was instrumental to my understanding that the "enemy has a vote". The combination of physical activity, team work, insurgent tactics, cultural understanding and methodologies in working with Afghan military were critical elements used in preparing my unit and commanding it on operations. I often cite the Mirror Image course as the best focused training I received in my career and it was the "tapestry" upon which all of my operational art as the Commander of the Operational Mentor and Liaison Team, (OMLT) was painted." 

    Persian Mirror Image: Understanding the Islamic Republic, Revolution and its Proxies

    "Mirror Image made me think and discover that my knowledge was just scratching the surface on Iran and its proxies.  The following lectures Vanguards of the Iranian Revolution, Among the Believers: Exporting Revolution, The Hezbollah Model, Soleimani's Strategic Approach and the Doctrine of Velayat-e-Faqih were unlike any training or study I have ever encountered. This course is a MUST for anyone dealing with Iran and its proxies."

    Mirror Image: Across the Sahel

    "Your Sahel Network provided detailed insight and information on the evolution of groups,  leaders, TTPs of GIA, GSPC, AQIM, MUJAO,  AI, Al-Mourabitoun, and Boko Haram. Tell Jafar the Tuareg blackmarkeer that I learned so much about logistics and finances for terrorist groups.  By abandoning our real world identities, norms of behavior and terms of reference and uniquely living the life of an insurgent I learned more in this course than any other.  The cell planning and exercises were realistic. The Spider web exercise taught so much. Best training program I have ever attended!"   

    Casing, Surveillance and Targeting: Through the Eyes of a Terrorist

    "The case studies of the targets were great. Enjoyed the special guest speaker providing first hand knowledge and thought process of a terrorist. The exercises showed how easy this can be done. Seeing how terrorists look at us was eye-opening. Great instruction on protecting critical infrastructure." 

    The New Age of Martyrdom-Suicide Attackers and Bombers

    "The insight, experience, knowledge base, and enthusiasm of the instructor staff were, hands down, the most extraordinary I have ever experienced. Their first hand knowledge  and experience weaving case studies and interviews was superb. Loved hearing from law enforcement and security officials who have dealt with these challenges."

    Decision Making During a Critical Incident

    “I was involved in a shooting in 2008 where the defendant went on a shooting spree, shot 4 people when myself and 2 other officers engaged his vehicle in a high speed pursuit. He crashed and bailed out with a shotgun and a shootout ensued. Myself and another officer were struck by buckshot. We returned fire. This course provided me the opportunity to work through some issues where I have been second guessing some of my decisions. This course allowed me to rebuild my confidence in the actions I had taken. Applying constitutional caselaw to the scenarios was an excellent element in the thought process in establishing probable cause and in articulating deadly force decisions.”

    Examples of TRC Training Programs

    Suicide Bombings- A.P.R.I.L.

    Suicide Bombings-Awareness, Protocol, Response, Interdiction, Legal Issues  is a  40-hour course designed for law enforcement, military and approved security personnel that covers the above topics. 

    Proactive Officer Safety Training

     During this class officers will explore those critical incidents where officers have been exposed to dangers to their personal safety. Officers will explore topics through lectures, case studies, videos, and special guest speakers who have been involved in critical incidents.  

    Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Training

     This training program provides individuals with the skills needed to identify threats and vulnerabilities. Participants examine different threat assessment methodologies as they examine a critical infrastructure.  Case studies, videos and field work to create an assessment.

    Radicalization: A Global Dilemma-A Local Challenge for Law Enforcement

    For three days explore the global dilemma of radicalization. This problem has local implications since  individuals  in the US have been radicalized and recruited. This lecture program is designed to give participants insight and understanding into the process of radicalization examining case studies from Minneapolis, Daphne, and other places in the United States and abroad.  

    Terrorism and Aviation

     The threat to aviation from terrorists continues to evolve in our changing world. Participants will explore how terrorists have attacked aviation historically to include the Shoe Bomber, the Liquid Explosives Plot, the Underwear Bomber, the Printer Plot and others. This program will examine a number of proactive steps law enforcement, security and airport staff can undertake to improve aviation security. Participants will explore a local airport to learn how to improve the security posture and protect fliers 

    Customized TRC Training Programs

    TRC offers a number of customized  counterterrorism training programs for military, law enforcement, intelligence, corporate and security organizations  in addition to those listed. Contact us to obtain a full catalog. TRC's Mobile Training Team can deliver training at your organization's location to train more of your personnel and save money.

    Comments on TRC Training

    AF-Pak Mirror Image


    "The Mirror Image course was, in my opinion, the cornerstone to my success on the mission. The course was instrumental to my understanding that the "enemy has a vote". The combination of physical activity, team work, insurgent tactics, cultural understanding and methodologies in working with Afghan military were critical elements used in preparing my unit and commanding it on operations. I often cite the Mirror Image course as the best focused training I received in my career and it was the "tapestry" upon which all of my operational art as the Commander of the Operational Mentor and Liaison Team, (OMLT) was painted."

    Mirror Image: Training to Combat Terrorism


    "Considering my previous training experiences, as well as my own experience as an instructor, other than Army Ranger School, I’ve never participated or have been made aware of a course that uses time as sensibly as the cadre here. Gone are the days where a student attending a course designed for military personnel provides more off-time than training time. Regarding “Bang for the Buck,” Mirror Image sets a high standard for current and future courses in the fields of intelligence training and education."

    Afghan Deployment


    "I didn’t think I would learn much from your Afghan Deployment since I had previously deployed to Afghanistan. I was so wrong. We should have had this training before we deployed the first time. I never realize how little I knew or understood of the Pashtun people, the culture, and the Taliban's tactics. Your instructors were superb! I highly recommend everyone deploying to Afghanistan to attend this training. This should be mandatory for all deploying to Afghanistan."

    Mirror Image: From the Edge of Raqqa

    "Best counterterrorism class I have ever attended in my military career. All of the speakers were clearly subject matter experts with years of real world experiences dealing with terrorists globally. The Arab food and cultural lessons and exercises cemented the  teaching points. The experience of stepping into the shoes of a terrorist cell and learning by doing is invaluable! 

    Most impressive, Best Course  Ever!"

    Persian Mirror Image

    "The Instructors made us feel that we were transported inside one of three cells- IRGC, Hezbollah, or a Shia militia. Their Experience brings a level of credibility about the enemy that is invaluable to anyone wishing to fully understand the enemy.  Their ability to provoke thought and analyze how the enemy thinks is priceless.  Their unique ability to educate without lecturing, allowed us to retain and apply fundamental principles on understanding the enemy and his many levels of motivation." 

    Comments on TRC Training

    Mirror Image Participant

    Mirror Image attendee comments on his website https://www.aisc.aero/mirror-image-training/

    Mirror Image Participant

    "This training program gave my Marines an understanding of the enemy we would encounter. I highly recommend this training program above any pre-deployment training to the point that I myself attended Mirror Image. The case studies, lectures, operations were great"

    Decision Making for Law Enforcement Officers


    "We want to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones so that decisions on the street do not turn into a costly rush to judgment. This training puts officers in realistic situations and evaluates how they react during split second critical incidents. Officers are evaluated on their officer safety skills, and ethical decision-making."


    Advanced Decision Making for Law Enforcement Officers

    "I am a evening patrol officer with 6 years experience and this class was by far the best one I’ve taken. Not only was the class extremely helpful to my everyday life but it has taught me how to react quickly and effectively to threats that I encounter on the street. The instructors  were extremely professional and very well organized."  

    Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Training

    "This training made me think of so many things we had never considered in protecting our infrastructure. Enjoyed the field exercises and the review of the vulnerabilities of the facilities.  The case studies provided insight into various threats."

    Suicide Bombers and Attacks

    "This course is by far the best I have ever attended. To explore how a terrorist cell plans a suicide bombing was an innovative way of looking at this problem. The detailed case studies, interviews, videos and first person accounts made this like a experiencing a National Geographic special.  The guest speaker who survived a suicide bombing on the Bus was not only emotional but his story was out of this world! All the speakers were excellent.  Great course will highly recommend!”

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    TRC Special Projects Office

    Camel heading out of the valley towards the Bab-el-Mandeb

    TRC Special Projects Office

     TRC's Special Projects Office assists clients in solving real world problems.  From threat and vulnerability assessments of critical infrastructure to cultural and global insights to help our clients maneuver in complex environments.  TRC has undertaken numerous projects for government organizations, corporations, NGOs, religious organizations, universities and others.

    TRC Research & Analysis and Consulting

    Unlike so many others, TRC has always believed in conducting field research and analysis. One can't gain a true understanding of the dynamics of a tribal warlord from the Beltway.  Conducting field research allows us to update our internal research studies on projects we have undertaken. From research in the Tri-Border,  Abu Musab's hometown, the Northwest Frontier, Herat, Kandahar, Kabul, Europe, Indonesia, Gaza, Israel, Turkey, Europe, Asia and numerous other places we believe in sending people forward to gain that insight and understanding and developing our global network.

    Terrorism Research Center

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